Ariana Grande Outfitters
outfits for a sports day? Your account is beautiful <3

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Xoxo Elyza

Ariana inspired sports outfit by elyzachanel featuring patterned shoesJack Wolfskin blue sport jacket, $185 / Casall yoga activewear, $85 / NIKE patterned shoes
Thank you so much Juliaaa! <333

No problem!! :) -Julia

You know when ari goes to disneyland she goes to california or orlando?

Recently, i think it was in Orlando

What would Ariana have as her screen saver? Any ideas?

Deffinetely her grandpa at this moment, but if not maybe her friends, her dogs, her idols, or just important things in her life :) -Juliaa

HELLO! Do you have a tutorial on how she ties her hair so high? It's so pretty!

I just posted a video that Tess Christine did! Its really informative and has everything u need! xx -Juliaaaaaaaaaa

Get The Look | Ariana Grande!

do you know what type of things ari did to lose weight? and omg Grandpa Grande<3 rip.

She ate so much junk food and she cut all that out, the main thing is the foods she ate, so eat lots of fruit! Also does dance with her choreographer, Isaac like Lucy said :) -Julia

Does Ariana have Twitter? Instagram? Vine? (I search for a few but not sure if it was hers.)

Yes, she does. Her Instagram is: & her twitter is: & her vine is: ! xx

Does Ariana exercise? What does she do?

She exercises by dancing with her choreographer, Isaac all the time. He helped her get into shape, so definitely cardio. xx